HiCandidate™. The recruiting automation with many benefits for you.

More time for (actual) recruiting

Clicking through the same settings, comparing data and finding the best setup – algorithms can do that better than humans. We have automated these routine tasks to give you more time for exciting tasks.

Fits every applicant tracking system

You give us your job advertisements as feed. You can easily export it from any applicant tracking system. Our support is at your disposal.

HiCandidate™ reaches the passive seekers

Through the social networks, you can find candidates who are not looking at all. They are often the best. But the ad placement is very complex and different for each channel. With HiCandidate™ you take advantage of the opportunities that social media offers. But you save yourself the effort: Our artificial intelligence makes all settings and optimizations automatically. According to your wishes.

You have full control over costs and channels

Of course, you can set the maximum expenses for your booked ads yourself. As well as the channels you want to book. On your dashboard you always have the exact overview and maximum transparency about your costs and the performance of your ads.

See how much you can save with HiCandidate™



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