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More candidates in less time — thanks to our AI-powered recruiting automation. Patent pending.

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So what is HiCandidate®?

HiCandidate® is an Artificial Intelligent and Automated System, that allows you to exactly reach your potential Candidate / Future employee via Social Media. *Patent pendingMade by socialtelligence

Just send us your job feed, and we automate your recruiting.

Get the best ad performance by our intelligent Algorithms

We publish your ads on a variety of Social Media Platforms

Save time and money with our automating solution

HiCancidate will be available in 20+ languages

We control and report the KPIs you need.

Andreas Schöning

CEO: Strategy & Vision

Andreas has 20+ years experience in HR Communication and Marketing. He founded his first company in 1993 and has been an entrepreneur ever since.

Lars Kroll

COO: Marketing & Operations

Lars is a true expert in the world of social media. With a M.A. in Business Psychology and a B.A. in Media Management he joined the digital industry in 2008.

Willi Schmidt

CTO: Technology & Product

IT & Machine Learning M.A. and developer of AI-powered apps. With his strong technical knowledge he‘s the core developer of HiCandidate.

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