Social media ads for job ads. Fully automated, at the push of a button.

Reach targeted passive candidates. Simple, flexible, and affordable – straight from your applicant management system.

Reaching latent seekers

With targeted social media ads, you can reach latent job seekers that you won't find on traditional job boards.

Favorable conditions

With flexible advertising runtimes and performance-based billing, you save valuable recruiting budget.

Easy integration

Through data feeds (XML/JSON) or individual API integration, linking to your recruiting system is simple and efficient.

More applicants and candidates

HiCandidate ™ is the ad automation for recruiting. With social media recruiting ads, you can reach latent searchers in social networks regardless of industry, job level and location. Local, national and international.

Your branding

Variable texts & images

Flexible ad budgets

Individual setup

Social Media Recruiting Ads. As easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Automation with HiCandidate ™ means more time for good interviews, a better candidate experience and more relaxed recruiting.

Connect ATS

Easily connect your candidate management with HiCandidate™ using structured data feeds or our integrations. This allows us to establish and maintain the technical connection for the automation of your social media recruiting ads in a simple and hassle-free manner.

Connecting channels, setting up creatives and add-ons

Together with you, we discuss the complete system configuration during onboarding and set up HiCandidate ™ ready for use for you.

Publish jobs automatically – and enjoy

Whenever you publish a new vacancy in your applicant management system, you can publish it at the same time as a social media ad. Fully automatically. This leaves more time for the important things in life.

HiCandidate™ is the perfect tool to automate social media recruiting ads and thus reach candidates on different channels in parallel.

Andreas Schöning – Founder & CEO

Are you already active in social media recruiting? We take care of the automation.

HiCandidate ™ takes over the entire ad creation, targeting, placement and budgeting according to your specifications. Of course, with transparent reporting of all relevant KPIs. Fully automatic.





Less expensive than you think.

Tailored entirely to your needs:
Our flexible pricing model is attractive for any size of company!

279 mo.

plus VAT

for selected ATS systems

one dynamic text template

image customization

reporting dashboard

30-day free trial**

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High Volume Recruiting

For larger organizations, HR service providers, ATS providers or job boards, we offer high-volume packages (from 50k€ ad spendings p.m.) with extended features.

Talk to sales

In which social networks can I recruit?

Our recruiting automation works with ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, TikTok, Pinterest and X (Twitter). Further channels are in the planning stage.

Can I run social media ads internationally with HiCandidate™?

Sure! Thanks to individual geo-targeting and automated translation management, international campaigns are also possible.

Do I have control over my spending?

Of course. You define runtime and budgets for your ads. We get the best out of it for you and provide you with transparent reports.

Which applicant management systems does HiCandidate™ work with?

In principle, with everyone. We provide direct integrations for selected ATS systems. Alternatively, all we need is a structured data feed (via XML, JSON or API) that contains the information from your job advertisements.

Recruiting Automation with HiCandidate™.

Take advantage of social media recruiting. Save time and budget with intelligent targeting and automated ad creation and control.