Recruiting is that easy with HiCandidate™!

Precise targeting

Our algorithms read out the essential characteristics of your job advertisements and compile the appropriate target groups for the social networks. Fully automated. Cool, isn't it?

On many channels

HiCandidate™ publishes your ads on Facebook, Instagram, in Messenger or as Google Ad. In German or English. Further networks and languages are in preparation!

Easy integration

Through our simple connection to your applicant­ tracking system we can handle all your job advertisements and convert them into social media ads. This saves time and money!
HiCandidate™ is the intelligent and cost-effective all-in-one solution to create target-group-specific ads for your job ads on social media channels. This way you get more traffic on your job ads and therefore more applicants – without much effort for you!

You have everything under control, but no effort.

You can link your career page or your applicant tracking system to HiCandidate™ via feed. We read out your vacancies, automatically create suitable target groups and publish social media advertisements that link back to your job offers. You have control over your costs, channels and metrics at all times.

Want a live demo?

Register here and now and without obligation for your live demo of HiCandidate™! In a 45-minute online session we show you how our system works and what HiCandidate™ can do for your recruiting success.