Features & Functions.

Using the intelligent functions of HiCandidate™ saves time, optimizes processes – and utilizes the full potential of automated social media recruiting ads.

Full control, maximum flexibility. That's HiCandidate™.

Automated Targeting

HiCandidate™ generates a custom target audience based on each job ad. Fully automated, highly reliable, constantly monitored, and optimized by our algorithms.

Hello, Bonjour & Dobrý den

HiCandidate™ is fluent in many languages - even automated if desired. With individual geo-targeting, international recruiting is as easy and straightforward as it gets.

Variable ad texts

HiCandidate™ allows for automated texts in the most diverse variants - driven by the data of your job ads. This keeps your corporate wording consistent on social media.

Full budget control

Set the daily budget and runtime of your ads! And if a job goes offline in your ATS before the end of the term, the social media ads (and costs) stop automatically.

Automatic Ad-Updates

Should the content of your job ad change, texts and images are automatically adjusted in HiCandidate™ and thus also adopted in the social media ads. Pretty smart, right?

Variable image themes

Like the ad texts, the management of image material in HiCandidate™ is just as flexible. Due to the automatic image control, every social media ad gets your desired image theme.

Weitere Features

Do you want even more automation? Here you go!

HiCandidate™ is the perfect solution to scale your recruiting.

Reporting API

Transparent performance data of all campaigns directly in your system? No problem when using HiCandidate™ reporting API.

Lead Generation Ads

Utilize the power of lead generation ads right from your applicant management system. HiCandidate™ makes it possible!

Video Automation

Fully automated video creation gives each social media ad an individual, conversion-optimized creative.


Modular technology for maximum performance.

Highly secure, scalable, and automated, HiCandidate™’s tech stack is designed for maximum security, scalability, and automation.

Ad Reporting Dashboard

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99,9% Uptime

Skalierbare Serverarchitektur für maximale Performance

Exceptional Support

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Secure data handling

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